In the winter of 1864 a number of Masons living in Centerville, (now known as North Syracuse) explored the possibility of establishing a Masonic Lodge in that village and petitioned the Grand Lodge to grant a dispensation to that effect.

That Dispensation was granted in February 1867.

Between the time that the dispensation was issued and July 18,1867 when the Charter was granted, 9 men were Initiated, Passed and ultimately Raised to the Degree of Master Mason.

The first meetings were held in a building located in the village of Centerville, which was owned by Artemus Baum. The yearly rent for that building was $17.50.

In April 1870, they moved into the upper rooms of a school house located on South Main St.. That location was used until 1872, when an agreement was reached to build their own building at the corner of South Main St. and Church St., W. Isaac Baum the first Master of Centerville Lodge, agreed to construct the basement and first floor of that building, with the other brothers agreeing to construct the second floor and roof. The building was completed and dedicated on December 7, 1872.

The Order of the Eastern Star, ( A concordant body of Freemasonry) organized a Chapter in N. Syracuse in 1899. The Chapter held their meetings in the Masonic Lodge rooms with the consent of the Centerville Brethren. After several months, it became evident that their present facilities were inadequate for both the increase in membership and the added social events sponsored by the Eastern Star. A committee was formed to locate a suitable building or building lot which in 1911 elected to sell their present location and erect a new building at 137 Church St. (our “Old Building”). This location was chosen because of its proximity to the Syracuse and South Bay Electric Railway Station. The “New” building was erected and dedicated in 1912.

That “new building” served the brothers of Centerville Lodge #648 and the Sisters of Centerville Chapter #185 well for 84 years as a center for both Masonic and Civic Activities in the village, hosting a range of activities from Minstrel Shows to Cub Scout meetings, from wedding
receptions to the reception of Grand Officers of both the Lodge and the Chapter.

In the early 1980’s a new building committee was formed to either refurbish our “old building” or to set forth plans for a new building. This committee consisted of present day members of Centerville Lodge # 648. Some of which were present at the dedication of the new building and some who passed away prior to completion of their goal.

One of their objectives was to create a facility which could continue to be centrally located and easily accessible to anyone who wished to attend a meeting or social event and still remain near our roots. Between then and the completion of our present building many sites were investigated and discarded until our present site was chosen and construction commenced.

We now have a new building situated near our “roots”. With a long history in N. Syracuse, we will continue to strive to be good and competent citizens of the community. During our long
history here we have had Grand officers both elected and appointed, from our Lodge. Not because we are large in number but because we maintain a degree of dedication and commitment that is not often seen in this day and age.

History is once again being made in Centerville Lodge. After 138 years as Centerville Lodge #648 F.& A. M. we will be merging with Onondaga Lodge # 802, to become a new and stronger Lodge tentatively named, Memorial Lodge # 648 F.& A.M.. In the not too distant future a vote will be taken in both Lodges to ratify this change and complete the merger.
Does this mean that masonry is changing in North Syracuse? To a degree, Yes. Are our views and tenets changing, NO. As was said by Shakespeare,” a rose by any other name will still smell as sweet.” We will still be a driving force in masonry and # 648 will carry as a driving force in the Onondaga District.

With this change we will be going to a web site Host as well as changing the name of our domain. This will take effect within the next two weeks.

For further information make sure to check our home page often and when the change takes effect bookmark the new page or add it to your favorites

Date Line MAY 3, 2002

Word was received this evening that all the forms have been signed and the NEW CHARTER has been presented to and Verified by M.’. W.’. Carl Smith, Grand Master of Masons, Grand Lodge of New York, and the official notification is now in the hands of the Masters involved!

Date Line May 9, 2002

The first meeting of Memorial Lodge #648 F.& A.M. took place this evening. The Lodge was opened in due form with 61 Brothers in attendance. The newly signed Charter was presented to the Brothers present with a hardy round of applause. The Consolidation committee was thanked by W.·. Edward Sinay, Jr.. the Election of officers then commenced with the following results:

Master Elect ~ Brother Kevin Parker

Senior Warden Elect ~ Brother Ralph Rushworth

Junior Warden Elect ~ Brother William Burnham

Secretary Elect ~ R.·. W.·. Frederick Greene

Treasurer Elect ~ W.·. Ronald Pennock

Trustee 3 Years ~ R.·. W.·. John Cooper

Trustee 2 Years ~ W.·. Edward Sinay, Jr.

Stay tuned for further information as it develops.