Each year since, 1995 the Grand Lodge of New York has sponsored a special area at the New York State fair devoted to the Child Id Program. This area is located in the Health and Safety Building. In the beginning we had on taping room, (a 6′ X 10′ room with no air conditioning) one registration area and one review area which was manned from the time the building opened at 10:00 am until the building closed at 10:00 p.m. That first year we Video taped more than 1,500 children.

Over the next 6 years the Child ID program at the State Fair grew to the point where we are at the present time. We now almost ten feet of space devoted to Registration, 2 air conditioned taping studios and 2 review areas, thanks to the generosity of, among others, Carrier corporation and Lockheed Martin. Since the humble beginnings in 1995 when 1,500 were video taped we have now taped close to 19,245 children at the State Fair alone!

As you may well imagine this take a large number of volunteers to work each year. At any given time that the building is open the following people are needed:


This is for one four hour shift. What that boils down to is a total of 12 people per shift multiplied by 3 shifts equaling 36 people per day. Multiply that by the 11 days that the Fair runs and you have a grand total of 396 people needed to run the Child ID booth for the duration of the Fair. We need your HELP.

To this point the booth has been maintained by Brothers and Sisters from the Onondagas and surrounding Districts, with a particular Lodge or District contributing the bulk of the staff required for a particular day. This has worked well in the past but, our source of staffing has dwindled due to relocation’s and we now need your HELP more than ever before. This is a great way to serve not only the local community, but also the State, since we have visitors all over the state of New York as well as visitors from as far away as California, Florida and Maine.

What do you get out of all this expenditure of time? Four things, a pass for entry to the Fair for a day, the enjoyment of Masonic Fellowship, the gratitude of each and every parent, and the knowledge that you may be responsible for returning a child to his/her family!